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In Anupamaa Written Update Season 01 Episode114 21st November 2020, we see that Shah family goes to the resort. Rakhi books honeymoon room for Anupamaa. Anupamaa says that she has never been to such a big hotel.

Anupamaa Written Update S01 Ep114 21st November 2020: Anupamaa’s unique experience at the resort

The episode of Anupamaa starts with Shah family leaving in a bus for the resort. Everyone sings songs as part of their entertainment. Baa asks Anupamaa whether she informed Vanraj. Anupamaa replies that she has messaged him. Baa says when Vanraj will get time, he will call.

Bapuji asks when did they travel so long last time. Anupamaa says that they went to a relative’s wedding when Pakhi was small. Baa tells Anupamaa that Vanraj did not accompany them at that time also, as he was busy working. Anupamaa thinks if Kavya and Vanraj were together from that point of time. And there is a possibility of them using her bedroom for a week.

Rakhi is waiting for Shah family to arrive. The bus arrives. Baa says that Rakhi chose a beautiful place for them to enjoy. Anupamaa helps to bring down all the bags while her saree gets stuck.

From behind, Kavya comes out of the pool, Vanraj offers her juice, and they both hug each other. Anupamaa frees her saree. She turns and gets uncomfortable seeing a couple romancing. She thinks that Baa and Bapuji will not like this.

Rakhi welcomes them and says that she has ordered breakfast for them in the kitchen but now its closed, so they can go near the pool cafe and have their breakfast. Anupamaa says that they will not go near the pool, as she saw a couple romancing near the pool.

Everyone goes into their room. Vanraj calls Anupamaa and scolds her. He says that he went out for 2 days and she can’t stay with the family. Anupamaa says she did not come to the resort alone. She has come with full family as Rakhi invited them.

Vanraj asks the hotel’s name. Anupamaa is about to say the name of the resort when Rakhi clashes against Anupamaa. Anupamaa drops her phone, and Rakhi cuts the call while picking the phone.
Later, Rakhi shows Anupamaa her room. Anupamaa says that she has never been to such a big hotel.

Kavya is unable to open the door. Vanraj says that he will try.
Anupamaa thinks that she heard Vanraj’s voice. She comes at the door to check.

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