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In Anupamaa Written Update S01 Ep151 04th January 2021, we see that Vanraj is in critical condition while Samar learns about his feelings for his father.

Anupamaa Written Update S01 Ep151 04th January 2021: Vanraj is in critical condition

The episode starts with Baa blaming Anupamaa and Kavya for everything that happened with Vanraj. Baa goes on to blame Kavya and holds her responsible for Vanraj not being a part of the family anymore. Despite Bapuji’s attempt to stop causing drama in the hospital, she asks Kavya to get out of the hospital and out of Vanraj’s life. Kavya resists but Baa tries to drag her out by force, to which Kavya frees herself and says that she won’t stop being around Vanraj. Anupamaa tries to explain to Baa that in such difficult times they should not think of bad things for others, Bapuji agrees to this and Baa lets Kavya stay.

Samar and Anupamaa have a chat and discuss that they have forgiven Kavya and his father and want to forget all the pain. Anupamaa then silently watches through the window. Kavya enters Vanraj’s rooms and apologizes to him for the fight, asks him to get better soon, and says that she loves him.

Anupamaa and Kavya are praying to God while the doctor informs that Vanraj has internal bleeding and needs immediate surgery. The doctor asks for blood donations which Anupamaa and Kavya can give but Baa and Babuji cannot because of their health and old age. Anu and Kavya both want to give blood but the doctor chooses Kavya and takes her inside to donate. Baa gets furious and taunts Anupamaa for not donating blood. Anupamaa gets mad and tells Baa that this is not the time for taunts.

At home, Pakhi cries and writes a note for her father while Nandini consoles her by saying that her father will be fine. Back at the hospital, Vanraj is taken to the operation theatre and Baa pleads him to open his eyes. The doctors take him inside and start the operation but a few moments later the nurse comes out asking for more blood. Kavya’s blood is not taken well but Vanraj’s body, so Anupamaa is called to give blood. Baa is worried about Vanraj but continues to taunt Anupamaa and Kavya. The doctor comes out of the operation theatre and informs everybody that the surgery went well and that Vanraj needs to be under observation for 24 hours. They need one person from the family to stay with him overnight. Kavya wants to stay but Baa asks Anupamaa to stay instead. Anupamaa tells Kavya that she will keep her updated about Vanraj’s health.

Samar returns home and gets emotional on seeing Nandini, hugs her, and tells her about his real feelings for his father and how his mother had to go through a lot of trouble when his father left them. Back in the hospital, Kavya asks Anupamaa to leave and says that it is only her right to be with Vanraj. Anupamaa replies to Kavya by saying that the right is always hers but everybody else is in pain. Kavya mentions that everybody is in pain but she is the only one who has rights over Vanraj. Anupamaa silently replies that she has not forgotten and will remember that.

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