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Bepanah Pyaar 15 August2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see Pragati pretends to be drunk at the party to create a scene for Raghbir.

Bepanah Pyaar 15 August2019 Written Update Preview: Pragati gets drunk

Today’s Bepanah Pyaar 15 August episode begins with Pragati (Ishita Dutta) doing Shifali’s hairstyle. All others like it. Nakul showed his coats to them, they didn’t like it. Pragati said she will select it for him. Nakul ran with Priya’s phone. She ran behind him but Raghbir (Pearl Puri) came and got her phone. Raghbir said to Pragati that she had to come with him. Nakul said he wanted to go alone. Raghbir came to party. Aditi got a call. She told Shalu that Pragati’s file was missing, she was not even here. Shalu said this was a business party so hope she didn’t create a scene. Harshit came to Raghbir and asked him to not drink much as it was their business party. Businessmen met Raghbir.

Aditi asked Deveaj to handle Raghbir. Devraj said he was fine. Raghbir got wine offer but Harshit hinted to control. Nakul pulled him aside and stopped him from drinking; he said he needed a chance as DJ. He took his drink and drank it. Raghbir looked on. Nakul left. Raghbir thought that they were trying to control him from drinking but he hated such parties. Waiter offered him apple juice. He recalled how Bani got drunk thinking she had an apple juice and told Raghbir that his parties were boring, he romances with her and moon was like her.

Flashback ended. Raghbir thought his life started and ended with her. Raghbir was about to drink but Pragati came there and was drunk. She introduced herself as Raghbir’s wife. All looked on. She came to Raghbir, he asked if she was drunk. She asked him to not tell anyone. Aditi asked Raghbir to stop her, she was making a mess. Raghbir said she was enjoying. Pragati thought he didn’t care but she will celebrate his party in a way that people will stop doing business with him, flashback showed how she had sprinkled alcohol on herself so she appeared drunk.

Priya’s boyfriend came to party. She said what he was doing here. He said she left him so he had to come. Priya said she didn’t want to talk to Dhruv. Aditi came to Pragati and asked her to stop it. Pragati said she was a mother in law like serials. Raghbir laughed. Aditi tried to control her but Pragati saw Raghbir smiling. The written update of 15 August2019 Bepanah Pyaar episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Bepanah Pyaar, watch Raghbir is left stunned when Pragati credits Bani for Raghbir’s success. Stay tuned!

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