Bigg Boss 15th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-15: Sidharth and Rakul meet the housemates and promote their film ‘Thankyou’. They give Abdu and Nimrit a task to dance together on ‘Ishq Wala Love’ song. Salman teases Sidharth with his relationship with Kiara. Shrijita gets evicted from the show.

Bigg Boss 15th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-15: Sidharth and Rakul visit the Bigg Boss house

Today’s episode started with Salman’s greeting. He dialogues about Saam Dham Dand Bhed, a segment of the season. He shows the clip of last night. Sumbul’s father complained to Shalin and Tina. He exposes Shalin and Tina in front of Sumbul. Salman says let’s see what all happened after that. Shalin apologised to Sumbul for his actions. He says he cleared her several times he can’t afford something on National TV. He says everyone is mocking him for using Sumbul for his game. Sumbul asks Shalin to forget what all happened. Shalin says he can’t afford all these. Tina joins the conversation. Sumbul talks with Tina and Shalin. Tina says people are wrongly portraying and assuming that they are bitching about Sumbul. Sumbul asks Tina and Shalin to stay away from her and not affect their game. Shalin confesses he loves his son a lot and he doesn’t want him to watch the show some years down the line and feel he was using a girl in the game. He breaks them. Sumbul gets teary.

Then in Bigg Boss, Soundarya apologises to Ankit for commenting on his mother. Ankit says to Soundary that she doesn’t exist for him Tina says to Sumbul that she always wanted to talk with her like an elder sister but she never reverted. Sumbul cries thinking she will lose Tina and Shalin. She says she hurt her father too. Shalin asks Tina and Sumbul. Tina clearly was just concerned about Sumbul but didn’t bitch. Shalin gets irked. Sumbul says she respects both Shalin and Tina. Shalin asks Nimrit, Shrijita, Gautam not to tease him with anyone. Nimrit says they never teased him. Nimrit says Tina is playing mind games. Shalin says everyone will accuse him because only men are wrong. He gets angry. Nimrit asks Sumbul not to trust anyone in the house. She confronts Tina about feeding in everyone’s mind about Sumbul and Shalin. Sumbul asks inmates to leave her alone.

Later in Bigg Boss, Shalin decides to support Sumbul and Tina. Salman meets inmates. He says Sumbul’s father gave her advice but she ended up giving justification to Shalin and Tina. Salman says the advice Sumbul takes from Shalin and Tina, she spreads in the house. Sumbul gets emotional. Salman says Sumbul took her father’s advice for granted. He asks Sumbul what she is going through. Sumbul says she doesn’t understand anything. Salman asks Sumbul to ask if she isn’t understanding. Sajid says Sumbul is missing her home and looking for a friend. He adds Sumbul is confused as she is not much mature. Sumbul says she is trying to understand the house. Salman asks Sumbul to take advice from others too at the house apart from Shalin and Tina. He further asks to move on. Salman next tells Archana that her ‘mor’ dialogue is becoming famous. Archana explained at Meerut it is a usual language. Salman performs a Saam task with Priyanka and Nimrit. He asks inmates to choose whose game is right among Priyanka and Nimrit according to them.
Inmates vote for Priyanka.

Later in Bigg Boss, Priyanka wins the task. Salman says out of all 9 voted for Priyanka. He asks Gautam to put the star on Priyanka’s mike. Salman asks Nimrit to beat Priyanka next time. Salman invited Rakul Preet and Sidhartha Malhotra. He congratulates Sidharth for completing 10 years in the industry. Sidharth shared his ‘Student of the year’ memory with Salman. Salman and Sidharth show their abs. Salman teases Sidharth with his relationship with Kiara. Sidharth promoted his upcoming movie ‘Thank You’. Sidharth, Rakul meet inmates. Sidharth praises Abdu. Rakul and Sidharth give Abdu and Nimrit a task to dance together. Abdu and Nimrit dance on ‘Ishq wala Love’. Sidharth next calls Tina and Shalin to dance. Tina says she can’t dance. Salman says if he is responsible for it. Inmates laugh. Ankit and Priyanka become the third couple to dance along. Sidharth and Rakul like the chemistry of Ankit and Priyanka. Salman says everyone likes their chemistry but Ankit is clueless. Sidharth and Rakul perform ‘daam’ tasks with housemates. Task started with Abdu.

Sidharth asks Abdu to fetch 8 items to get a burger and pizza in return. Sajid helps Abdu to perform the task. Abdu wins. Salman says in return of hearing an audio from someone special he has to take out his chain. Stan gets shocked. Salman further gives a task to Stan to give the suitable task to the inmate. Stan wins the task. He receives a message from his mother. Stan gets teary. Salman asks Stan to buck up his game. He further performs a ‘dand’ segment with inmates. He asks inmates to choose which contender they want to punish. Housemates give the maximum vote to Shalin. Salman says since inmates took punishment lightly they have to pay for it later. Shalin apologised to Sumbul’s father. Salman quoted Shalin’s action this week was shameful. He gets disappointed with Shalin.

Lastly in Bigg Boss, Salman Schools Shalin about his behaviour in the house. He says Shalin’s attitude towards the game is bad. Salman asks Shalin to respect the show. He refuses to listen to Shalin. Shalin apologizes to Salman. Salman asks Shalin not to speak. Salman gets angry at Shalin for misbehaving with the doctor. Shalin apologised to the doctor. He confessed that he has a neurological problem. Archana says despite the warning, Sumbul didn’t understand is going to Shalin. Shiv, Manya, Sajid, Stan disagree with Archana. Salman welcomes Bhavin on the stage. Both share a talk. Later, Shrijita gets evicted. Salman wishes good luck to Srijita. Shrijita met housemates and bid adieu. Shalin asks Sumbul to be the girl his father is looking for. Shalin and Tina are surprised that Nimrit and Guatam didn’t wake up to them despite knowing what all happened. Sumbul talks with Nirmit, Gautam and Soundarya. She says she was surprised to learn Tina bitched about her. Episode ends with Salman telling Shekhar Suman to take over the show on Sunday.

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