Haiwaan 31 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Randhir worked on his Super Human secretly that will defeat the Haiwan.

Haiwaan 31 August 2019 Written Update: The Beginning

Today on Haiwaan 31 August episode begins with It was year 2007 in Shimodra, a car stopped by at Randhir Aghihotri pharmaceutical building. A father and son got out of the car. The father wished to show his son the eighth wonder of the world. He wished that his son witnessed this moment as only the lucky ones got such a chance. He brought his son to his lab, showed him his biggest achievement. He said many years ago, super powerful beings existed on earth. For past twelve years, he had gathered every power of human and animals and combined them it in a single human being, the speed of a Cheetah, power equivalent to hundred of elephants, sight as sharp as an eagle and the brain of humans- this humans had all these powers and he was called as Super Human. The son stood mesmerized. His face wasn’t like humans. The son questioned why he created this. The father replied he did this to remove terror and crime from the country. It could sense any criminal or terror activity, and had the power to stop it. He scanned his finger prints, and the Super human at once read and showed movements within its closed container. The son was terrified and wondered what if he turned evil. The father told him it can’t happen, if they injected a potion in it, he would never get emotions like greed. He had created a controller to keep his emotions in control. He noticed the Controller was empty and questioned the staff, someone told him that Govind took the Controller along himself.

He claimed he asked him already. Everyone in the lab got terrified as the Super Human began to move, the wires were short and a electric shock occured in every wire. Outside the lab, Deepak grabbed Govind and questioned him for stealing his Controller. Govind said he needed power and money, and he injected only evil in his Super Human. Now he would be the controller. Everything in the lab exploded. Deepak said he would end this project all together. Govind said it won’t be possible. A blast happened at the lab. Deepak and his son Randhir ran upstairs. The Super Human was gone, while the lab staff was dead. Deepak drove his wife and Randhir away from the city. He told his wife that she and Randhir were in danger. Govind turned his Super Human into a devil. The whole city was in danger, he needed to save everyone. Their car was stopped and confronted by the Haiwan, an ugly giant and huge monster. Randhir hugged his mother out of terror. Govind controlled the Haiwan and laughed watching the family car being turned over. The Haiwan clutched Divia by her neck and threw her away at a distance. Deepak grabbed Govind behind the bushes and fought in a construction site. Govind grabbed Randhir but Haiwan came to pull Govind off the site. Randhir was saved while Deepak was killed as they ran outside together.

Randhir came to Deepak who was on verge of death. Deepak told him not to tell anything to anyone ever, he now had the huge responsibility to create a Super Human who could beat this devil Haiwan. 12 years later, the radio of Shimodra welcomed everyone to the city and gave credits to Randhir pharmaceuticals for their sponsorship. It forbidded the tourists to go outside in dark roads and forest areas of Shimodra, as there had been uncountable crimes of murder and kidnappings. It was the 12th death anniversary of father of the city, the scientist Deepak Aghihotri and his wife and was being celebrated at his residence. At the residence, a lady told her husband that Deepak got a Presidential award, and had properties in the country and across world; only 4 pharmaceutical companies were here in the Shimodra. They might maintain his reputation to secure a place for themselves in the house. They spotted an old man Dharam, and she questioned her husband what Deepak found in Dharam that he made him the caretaker. Dharam’s mother was annoyed that he wore an old torn coat for past seven years. Dharam replief he didn’t own the house, he was only the caretaker and was a driver. They all watched a young man enter the house, he stopped a girl Nisha and inquired about Randhir. Randhir came to the room completely drunk. He greeted the guests amidst the hangover, and recalled if it was party of his parent’s wedding anniversary. Randhir’s friend Ansh pointed towards his parent’s photos and said it was his parent’s death anniversary. Randhir wasn’t in a mood of mourning and left for the party. Ansh ran behind him. On the dark streets on Shimodra, Ansh asked Randhir if he realized how dangerous was Shimodra in such a dark time.

He was headed towards his competitor’s party. At the party, the young people danced around. One of them inquired about Nisha. A lady pulled an old man upstairs on the roof. He got terrified. The lady warned to murder him and none will know; she complained the scientist had been working for four years. She needed results within next four days and spared him. Gia’s brother came to take her downstairs. Nisha slapped him for disturbing her amidst work. She told him to ice the face, then complemented him and came along him, she needed to sell her experiment to some Japanese clients in order to complete it. Randhir came to the party and danced around with RJ Sonya. The host welcomed Gia Garewal, the host of the party downstairs. Sonya took a leave from Randhir as she had to take care of the show. Gia greeted the Japanese clients and gave him the details of their ongoing experiment. Randhir came to meet Gia and interrupted her between the meetings. He asked if her father was some thief, who stole all the stars from the skies for her. Gia recalled Randhir’s father had called her father a thief as well, and his father Govind Grewal was now on wheelchair. They called for the party. Randhir fell on the floor after being pushed by Gia, but he grabbed his drink and was taken away by Ansh. Gia along with his father and brother watched Randhir leave.

They discussed Randhir was useless person, the finished his father but he would kill himself on his own. Ansh took Randhir to a secret lab, where they scanned the finger prints and entered the digitally secure. Ansh appreciated Randhir’s capability to fool the world. But today was the limit, as it was his parent’s death anniversary. It was for his parent’s death that he had all the knowledge. Randhir said Ansh knew his truth, it was Govind Grewal who turned his father’s Super Human into a Haiwan. He could never repeat the mistake. His attitude should never let anyone ever get a hint that he was working on a Super Human again. People of the city didn’t even realize that there all the crimes were being controlled by Gia Grewal. There in the lab, Gia Grewal watched the Haiwan through glass door. She bragged about her father’s achievement. Randhir shared a coffee with Ansh. He said it was Ansh who saved me than night. Ansh was proud that he was a bigger scientist than his father. Randhir opened his wine bottle and placed it over a digital scanner. It read all the data.

Randhir said it was one of his father’s creations, it worked as a magnet and copief all the information from the hard disk. He had deliberately placed it over Gia’s hard disk and copied her plan. At Grewal Pharmaceuticals, Govind told Gia money, power and control was his dream and Gia fulfilled it. Their Haiwan committed crimes and they made money. Gia said their company turned out to be number one only because of their Haiwan. Gia and Govind reached another Haiwan. Gia said she would now create a bigger Haiwan than this, and then they would sell it either to a terrorist organization or any criminal agency. It would be ready within 4 days. Randhir was determined that it was time his Super Human was launched into the world. It was his father’s dream. Gia had created another Haiwan, which was way more powerful and poisonous than the one they already had. The assignment was being loaded. Govind and Gia discussed that like always the Haiwan would attack their consignment and kill all the drivers; and they would claim their insurance worth millions. It was a complete fool-proof plan. Gia got a call that there was a new SP in Shimodra, Amrita Sharma. Amrita’s car was out of order. The driver said they needed to call another car. Amrita stopped a young biker who tried to flirt with her. She punched him and handcuffed him with the steering wheel of her car. The biker said this was Amrita Sharma, the new SP of Shimodra. Amrita reached the crime scene. It was of a girl RJ Sonya. The reporters were there on site. Amrita was daring and scolded her team for being careless. Randhir watched the news and was upset that he was of no use. Amrita read the file and said the history was similar to the prior cases. The cases had same coincidences, they took place within the same region and mostly on trucks. The assistant said the trucks were usually of medicine.

Amrita said they must keep an eye over all the assignments. On the call, Randhir spoke to Ansh that he needed to activate his Super Human. Ansh assured he was reaching with all the information he needed. Amrita reached Aghihotri house. She sent the Schaffer to call Dharampal Sharma outside as SP of Shimodra was here with his arrest warrants. Dharampal walked outside and asked what favor he needed. Amrita said he must come to police station with her. Dharam pulled her ear. Amrita apologized her papa, then ran to hug Dadi. She said she took a posting of Shimodra only to live with them. She convinced Dharam and her grandmother to shift with her at the staff house. Dharam said the job wasn’t a job only, he was the caretaker of Randhir as well. Amrita’s staff came to inform her that a large pharmaceuticals assignment will pass tonight. Amrita callrd for an alert, she would herself be on duty there. Randhir read Gia Garewal’s plans and sharef with Ansh that Gia Garewal got her assignments attacked. The assignment boxes were empty, and she claimed insurance over then meaning double profit. Ansh offered to inform police but Randhir said police couldn’t fight the Haiwan. He would have to do something. At Grewal Pharmaceuticals, Gia pulled the trigger.

The Haiwan flew out from the glass door. At the café, Randhir had a party with his friends. The staff informed Amrita that trucks had left Grewal Warehouse. Amrita heard the shouts and questioned why they didn’t stop it. Amrita reached the café. Randhir tauntsled if he had ever seen her before. Amrita called for the dismissal of the party as she ordered there will be no party. Randhir tried to flirt with Amrita; Amrita threatened to arrest him and put him behind bars. Randhir was cheerful to go-to cocktail bar. Amrita said driving while drinking are unsafe. Randhir said he had his driver, then teased that she was his driver’s daughter. Amrita told Dharam that the place wasn’t safe, he must go home and take Randhir along as well. Randhir gave Dharam the keys of car to leave for home. Amrita was furious over Randhir. Randhir laughed that nobody could guess who he was, and left. The Haiwan had flown towards the dark city. He attacked one of the men near some stalls. People around got terrified and ran for life. Amrita hit Ansh at the doorway and recognized each other cheerfully. Amrita said she wanted to keep in touch with Ansh, but he never left him. Ansh laughed that Randhir was his friend. Amrita convinced he was wasting his life and his father’s income. Ansh was happy that Amrita considered him smart and responsible. Randhir joined them. Amrita was annoyed and left.

Randhir laughed from behind. It was raining heavily outside the café. Randhir came to Amrita to lighten her mood. Amrita pulled an umbrella and walked outside. Her umbrella flew over in heavy rains. Amrita got a call and said the trucks had changed route. Amrita said they can’t let them leave this time. Ansh came to tell Randhir that the trucks changed routes and were now going By-Pass. One of the truck driver stopped by the dead body near the stalls. The Haiwan attacked with all it was force and killed the driver. The driver tried to run away with the truck. Randhir ran behind the Haiwan as it chased the truck. He jumped on wet roads, through the forests and odd ways towards the route of trucks. The Haiwan jumped up a truck. Randhir spotted it attack the trucks. Randhir pulled up some safety clothing and hung himself on a rope he took the aim of truck and landed right in front of Haiwan. He said the Haiwan killed his parents twelve years ago, today he will kill it. The written update of 31 August 2019 Haiwaan episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of The War Between Two Scientists, watch Ansh and Randhir try to defeat the Haiwan but it reaches the café where Amrita is. Gia orders her Haiwan to be ready. Stay tuned!

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