The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Ridhima talking on a call. She says she will get the medicine and food for Kabir.
Ridhima leaves. Vansh follows him. Ridhima goes to Kabir. Kabir asks Ridhima if she forgot their old love. Ridhima says she won’t fall into Kabir’s trap. She nurses Kabir’s wounds. Kabir asks Ridhima to kill him, as he is a threat to Ridhima. Ridhima says she is not a cold-blooded murderer like Kabir.

Ridhima asks the security man to inject the dose to Kabir in time. Ridhima asks him not to overdose him or Kabir might die.
Meanwhile, Vansh gets into a room thinking he might get some proof against Ridhima.
Ridhima gets out of the building and recollects seeing Vansh following her and trying to stop him by stuffing cloth in the car’s exhaust pipe.

Later, Kiara enters her room and sees that Ridhima has messed it up. Kiara asks what problem Ridhima has with her.
Ridhima says Kiara was right, she collided with Ridhima in the club where she came to give the black box to Vansh. Ridhima asks Kiara to spill everything that she knows about the black box. Kiara says she did not know that she was delivering the black box to Vansh. Kiara says she was kidnapped and was given the black box, also they gave carved a tattoo on her back without her permission. Ridhima sees the tattoo and takes some pics of it.
Aryan comes and asks what is going on. Kiara says Ridhima is trying to threaten her. Aryan warns her. Ridhima asks Aryan to control his GF and not play with danger or she will end up dead.

Vansh asks Angre to keep eye on the location where Ridhima went. Angre sees the security guard. He follows him and learns that the security guard is nursing Kabir.
Meanwhile, Kiara tells everything about the black box to Aryan, she also says that there is some connection between her tattoo and the black box.

Later, Vansh dreams of removing all his anger on Ridhima and slapping her.
Ridhima asks Vansh if he was dreaming about her. Vansh says yes. Vansh asks Ridhima what she loves the most. Ridhima says she loves Vansh the most.
Kabir calls Ridhima and he is free and now will play the games with Ridhima as she did.