Banni Chow Home Delivery the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen engaging drama with two weddings about to happen. Banni (Ulka Gupta) is marrying Agasthya (Arijit Taneja), while Kabir (Pravisht Mishra) is marrying Tulika (Riya Sharma).

However, the fight for Banni is to bring out the dormant Yuvan from Kabir’s body. For this, she has taken the help of Agasthya too.

Amidst this, the problem arises when Tulika realizes that she has fallen for Kabir. She will not want to follow Banni’s ideas and will not want Yuvan to emerge out of Kabir. She will want Kabir for herself and will be madly in love with him.

The coming episodes will see Kabir enjoying the scenario of Banni marrying Agasthya. However, Yuvan’s love for Banni will come to the fore when Yuvan will not be able to see that Banni is marrying someone else. He will be forced to come out of Kabir to stop the wedding.

Will Banni be successful in her mission?