Banni Chow Home Delivery the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen the struggle of Banni (Ulka Gupta) in reviving Yuvan (Pravisht Mishra) from the clutches of his evil split personality, Kabir Singh Rathore. We saw her fight with him so that she could stop Kabir from demolishing his ancestral property. We also saw how Kabir was tied up by Banni.

The coming episode will create more drama when all of the efforts of Banni in bringing to power Yuvan again, will not bear fruit. However, Kabir will rule over one and all and will be invincible in his power and tyranny.

The drama ahead will see him pin down Banni miserably. He will announce that the wedding of Yuvan and Banni is null and void as a girl cannot be married to an insane person.

We saw Kabir come closer to Banni, but Banni resisted as she is the wife of Yuvan.

Will Kabir want Banni for himself now?