Banni Chow Home Delivery the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen exciting drama with Banni (Ulka Gupta) almost succeeding in winning the love of Yuvan (Pravisht Mishra). This happened when Yuvan overpowered Kabir and came out when Banni was about to marry Agasthya (Arijit Taneja). However, a big twist happened when Agasthya revealed the truth that Kabir married Tulika (Riya Sharma) the previous night and that Tulika too is married to Yuvan now.

This development shocked and pained Banni, and also Yuvan.

The coming drama will see Tulika confide in Banni the big truth of Yuvan being harassed and troubled life by a shocking development that happened in his life. Tulika will tell Banni what Kabir had told her. She will tell Banni about a person in the family having been responsible for the death of Yuvan’s mother. She will also know that Yuvan was being given the wrong medicine all his life by someone in the house.

This will shock Banni and she will be determined to find out about the black sheep.

What will happen next?