The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Ridhima asking Anupriya where is the fire torch which they found in her room. Anupriya says she last saw the fire torch in Dadi’s hand. Ridhima goes to Dadi’s room. Dadi checks the tattoo’s pic. She recalls taking the pic from Ishani’s phone when she checked her phone. Ridhima comes to Dadi and asks if she has the fire torch. Dadi says she threw it away. Ridhima says Kiara’s tattoo was burnt with the fire torch and they might have got some clue of the murderer. Dadi asks why Ridhima is trying to be an investigator and why she thinks someone from their house can kill Kiara.

Ridhima says there is something they aren’t aware of, why would the killer leave the body in Aryan’s room. Dadi asks Ridhima to stop and yells at her. She says that Ridhima should be ashamed of herself that she ruined her peace. Ridhima apologises and leave.

Later, Police come to Vansh’s house and say they got the news that someone is being murdered. Vansh says it is fake news. The inspector shows Vansh the search warrant and asks him to co-operate. The police walk in. Angre comes out with a carpet. The constable says Angre has wrapped something in the carpet. The inspector asks Angre to open the carpet.

Ridhima distracts the police by acting as if she sprained her leg. Vansh asks Ridhima if she is okay. Ridhima says she is fine. Vansh says well done.
The inspector then checks the carpet and finds nothing. He apologises for the trouble and leaves.
Vansh feels sick. Ridhima asks him if he is okay. Vansh says he is fine and goes into his office. Angre calls Vansh and informs him that he has kept Kiara’s body in Vyom’s house and will trap him. Vansh then sees the tattoo pic in his phone and recollects taking the pic when he too Ishani’s phone to check after Dadi. Vansh tries to open the black box.

Anupriya comes to Vansh and asks him to come to Siya’s room. Vansh finds a letter in Siya’s room. In the letter, Siya has written that she is not a kid and can make her own decisions; She says that she is leaving the house and going to her love, Vyom. Vansh gets angry.
Later, Vansh and Angre enter a secret room, where all the family’s wealth is stored. Vansh says the black box has some important information and contacts which should not go into the wrong hands.