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In Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update Season02 Episode99 30th October 2020, we see that Anupriya drops Ridhima's Sargi plate, Vansh gets Sargi for Ridhima. Ishani reveals the truth of Ridhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update, S02 Ep99 30th October 2020: Ridhima Completes Her Karwachauth Fast

The episode starts with Anupriya apologizing on dropping Ridhima’s Sargi plate. Ishani says that Ridhima has to observe fast without her Sargi.

Vansh gets Sargi for Ridhima, Vansh says that he bought Sargi for Ishani but now if she has it then Anupriya can give her the Sargi.

Anupriya gives the Sargi to Ridhima, and Ridhima touches her feet to take blessings. A person in black shawl adds chemical in diya.

Dadi tells everyone about Karwachauth fast, Dadi asks Ridhima to light the diya. Ridhima lights the diya and coughs with the smoke. As the Akhand Diya shouldn’t stop in the middle of the ritual, Ridhima starts telling the story and feels constrained. Vansh arrives and tells everyone the story of Karwachauth.

Later, Ishani removes her black shawl and smiles. She says that the plan failed and recalls the chemical she added in mehendi and diya.

Ridhima gift Vansh a watch while Vansh gets Sindoor and adds in her Maang. Ridhima gets to know that even Vansh observed fast for her.

Vansh and Ridhima have a sweet moment together near the pool. Later Dadi asks her to break her fast. Ridhima and other ladies see their husband through Channi. Ridhima and Vansh both break their fast.

Ishani reveals the truth about Ridhima that she is a spy. Vansh does not believe her. Ishani shows him the video in which Ridhima gets out the car which makes clear that Ridhima is a spy.

Vansh thinks that the Karwachauth fast was all a lie.

PRECAP: Ridhima exclaims that she is not that Ridhima who came to ruin his life but she is that Ridhima who wants to be his wife. Vansh points a gun on Ridhima.

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