The episode begins with Vansh on a call talking about the consignment. Dadi comes in and asks Vansh about Riddhima. But Vansh hasn’t decided yet. Dadi scolds him for wasting time. She takes matters into her own hands and tells Vansh he can no longer sit on the chair and that she’s taken away his rights. Vansh okays her decision.

Aryan meets a girl, Kiara, with who he takes pictures. While he admires her photos Siya and Ishani find him and tease him by saying Chanchal will break all her fingers if she sees the photo.

Vansh comes home to Riddhima and they have a romantic scene together. However, a call interrupts them. The call is about the consignment and the black box. Vyom tells Riddhima to get the box before Vansh finishes their deal. Riddhima gets to work.

Aryan goes to meet Kiara in her building but realizes that Kiara is not what she says , and when the building guard tells him that the girl in the photo doesn’t live there.

The episode ends when Vansh gets to the club as Kiara is leaving for the club. She signals to Vansh to come and get the black box. Riddhima bumps into Kiara and figures out she has the box but sees Vansh and has to hide.