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In Naagin Written Update Season05 Episode 26 7th November 2020, we see that Veer gets closer and closer to the trap Jai has set. The tunnel explodes. Bani saves Veer.

Naagin Written Update S05 Ep26 7th November 2020: Veer is Trapped

The episode of Naagin starts with Veer telling Bani about the flight logo which was in the red circle and blue star. Bani asks Veer if he knows the date. Veer says 3rd November. Bani realised that Veer saved her and Jai from the plane crash. She informs Jai through the ring. Jai asks Bani not to fall for what he said and kill Veer. Jai tells Bani to stay back, as Veer will step on the tunnel, it will blast. And he will die.

Veer goes ahead and steps on the tunnel which Jai has set. The tunnel explodes. Bani goes near him and pulls him back to save him.

Both enter the car. Bani asks Veer if he is okay.

Later Bani meets Jai. Bani tells him that Mayuri convinced everyone for Devimaa’s placement for Navratri. Bani tells Jai that she doesn’t want to kill Veer for now. She asks him to stay away from Veer.

Devimaa enters the house. Veer calls Bani to do the Arti.

Veer asks Bani why she saves his life. Bani starts the Arti without replying Veer.

Jai meets Mayuri and asks her to distract Bani, and then he can kill Veer. Mayuri says then Bani will be left alone and she can kill her. Jai stops Mayuri and tells her that he will kill Bani.

Meanwhile, Veer asks Bani to dance with him. Bani plays Dandiya with Veer. They have a sweet moment together.
While dancing Mayuri pushes Bani behind the curtains and tries to distract Bani, Jai turns into Bani’s look-alike and stabs Veer.

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