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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update, Season 02 Episode 04 22nd October 2020, we see that Hema steals Kokila's earrings. Praful and Jamuna are celebrating their anniversary.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update, S02 Ep04 22nd October 2020: Anant Makes An Entry

In the start, Jaggi video calls Gopi. Urmila joins and asks Jaggi how is he doing? Kokila and Hetal join her and scold Urmila not to shout as everyone is sleeping. Jaggi asks Kokila if all are fine. Kokila says all are good here.

After finishing the video call, Gopi thinks she shouldn’t inform them of seeing Ahem. Gehna wants to study and fulfill her dreams. She falls asleep while reading the book. Hema sneaks into Gehna’s room to steal Kokila’s given earrings.

Gopi Kaka / Ahem’s lookalike notices her walking towards Gehna’s room. Hema steals earrings. Gopi Kaka peeps at sleeping Gopi from the door and thinks who is she and why he ate cake from her hand. Next morning, Praful and Jamna perform pooja and greet each other with happy wedding anniversary wishes. Gehna greets Praful and Jamna and wish them a happy wedding anniversary.

Gehna gifts them a painting. Kokila asks about Anant. Praful says he is on the way home from Mumbai. Urmila tells Kokila that it looks like only Gehna knows about Praful and Jamna’s wedding anniversary.Gehna cleans Anant’s room.

Anant returns from London after studying and stays in Mumbai. Anant asks the receptionist to book 2 Mumbai to Surat flight tickets for the old lady. Only 1 ticket is available. Anant asks her to transfer his ticket to them. Jaggi, who is standing in line, hears his conversation and offers his ticket. Anant thanks him saying his parents would be happy seeing him. Jamna walks to Gehna and says she is looking very beautiful.

Kanak is jealous. Kokila notices Gehna not wearing earrings.

Precap: Kanak splashes mud on Gehna.

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