Today’s Saath Nibhana Saathiya episode starts with Surya asserting that this union is improbable. He is reminded by Agastya that Gehna wants to live with him now that he divorced her. He is informed by Surya that Gehna is essential for survival. He continues by saying that he does not see Gehna marrying anybody else. He is informed by Agastya that it is too late to realise this. He claims that Surya must feel guilty for obeying Suhani’s orders. Surya will now adhere to her directions, according to Suhani. Suhani will be heard, according to Surya, but not in Gehna’s case. Suhani walks in.

Then in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Surya is informed by Agastya that he cannot halt this union. Pushing Surya, he. Riddhima assures Surya that this union would go on anyway. When Surya takes off the bride’s veil, he is shocked to see Riddhima in the role of the bride. Seth’s family grins. Gehna left the house, and Shreya informed Surya. How can they let Gehna leave the house? wonders Surya. Gehna arrives there with Suhani. Surya receives her apology. He explains to her that since they are all fallible human beings, she doesn’t need to apologise. Surya receives Gehna’s hand from her. He inquires about their reunion and the circumstances surrounding it.

Later In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gehna remembers Suhani catching up with her as she was getting dressed. Suhani explains to Gehna that she came to her because she is unable to face Surya. She claims that her children have abandoned her, but Surya has remained by her side even after learning the reality. She begs her to stay with Surya. Gehna queries her regarding those men. They are jewellers, as Suhani confesses. Surya is told everything by Gehna. Surya embraces Suhani. Suhani’s men deliver diamonds. According to Suhani, Gehna is the recipient of these. Surya is informed by Gehna that, aside from him, everyone is aware of their impending nuptials. It is Urmila’s idea as well. According to Dadi, they are aware that Surya will feel envious upon witnessing Gehna with Agastya.

According to Gehna, Agastya’s family offered assistance in Saath Nibhana Saathiya. According to Agastya, he was merely assisting a friend. He remembers telling Riddhima that she was his choice and that he wanted to marry her. Surya is informed by Riddhima that she was fortunate that Agastya recognised her affection. According to Surya, they duped him. Surya is taken to Urmila by Suhani. She offers her an apology. She gives Surya back to her. Surya expresses regret to Urmila. He hears from Urmila that she admires him. Suhani decides to go outside. However, Surya interrupts her and declares that he wants both Urmila and Suhani. He embraces them. Surya eventually appears downstairs dressed as a groom. Arjun comes back. Seeing him makes Sarika joyful. He embraces everyone. According to Gehna, this is the tale of a maid who aspired to practise law.

Lastly in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, everyone can accomplish their goals, she continues. She occupies a seat next to Surya in the wedding mandap. Suhani conducts the rite of “gathbandhan.” The “pheras” are completed by Gehna and Surya. He daubs vermilion across her forehead. Her neck is strung with a nuptial chain by him. They accept blessings from elders. Erasing the division line is Gehna. Gehna receives the locker key from Suhani. The Seth family takes a family picture.

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