In today’s Saath Nibhana Saathiya episode, Suhani warns Gehna at the beginning of the episode that she would evict her after the allotted time has passed. She is cautioned by Urmila not to speak ill of Gehna. What if Surya discovered evidence demonstrating Gehna is innocent, she asks. She is told by Suhani that Surya won’t uncover anything. Gehna is asked by Sikandar to begin packing. Gehna enters her bedroom. She sobs as she thinks back on her interactions with Surya. She sees Surya in her dreams. She prepares her items and descends the stairs carrying her suitcase. In her absence, she prays to God to keep her family safe. She receives teasing from Suhani for continuing to stay home. Her behaviour with Gehna earned her a reprimand from Kaddu bua.

Then in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gehna informs her that she failed, making it irrelevant what other people think. She embraces Dad. She is needed in this house and by them, so Dadi begs her not to leave. Urmila expresses regret to Gehna. She claims Gehna left the house as a result of her. It’s not like that, Gehna informs her. She hugs Urmila and expresses her gratitude that she is here to look after Surya. Sikandar warns Sarika that the drama is getting out of hand. Gehna queries Kaddu bua as to whether she is currently deserving of her favours. Kaddu bua expresses regret to her. She is asked by Gehna not to apologise. She claims that she enjoys hearing her chastise. According to Kaddu bua, she didn’t treat her with justice. She continues, saying that even if Gehna is innocent in her heart, there is nothing she can do to help her.

Later in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, She is urged by Gehna not to feel bad because she had no control over anything. Even though she lacks any evidence to support her innocence, she claims to be happy that her family believes in her. She is blessed by Kaddu bua. Gehna wonders where Surya is right now. Surya arrives and informs Gehna that she has been found not guilty and doesn’t need to leave the house because it was all in her head. Dada and Surya walk inside. Takes Dada’s blessings, Gehna. Dada explains to her that having to leave the house in this manner is their loss. Surya is asked by Gehna to make one final grin. Surya begs her to pardon him for not establishing her innocence. He claims that she has always supported him while he has failed to do so. She receives his apology.

Lastly in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, In front of the statue of God, Surya takes Gehna. He swears to uncover the truth and establish that Gehna is innocent. Gehna informs him that she believes in him. She begs him to recognise Urmila as his mother and states categorically that she wants nothing more. Leaving her hand, he. She steps outside. Suhani queries Kaddu bua about what transpired despite their adherence to her regulations. She claims that while she had the locker key, theft never occurred. She says that the locker key should be kept by a responsible individual. According to Kaddu bua, she was unable to demonstrate her accountability. Suhani receives the locker key from her.

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