Saath Nibhana Saathiya episode starts with Judge queries whether the previous six months were beneficial to Gehna and Surya. In these six months, Surya claims to have learned a great deal about love and relationships. He declares his desire to reside with Gehna. Suhani inquires as to what he is saying. She hears him say that Gehna is all he can think about. She explains to him that if Gehna is something she can’t live without, then neither can she. She attempts suicide, but Surya makes it up. The judge informs Surya that he will be given further time to consider his case. He is informed by Surya of his decision to divorce Gehna.

Then in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Gehna remembers how Surya consistently picked Suhani. Judge questions Gehna over her choice. She admits to wanting a divorce as well. The judge states that the court has accepted their appeal and that they are no longer legally married. Hearing him makes Suhani joyful. Except for Surya and Gehna, everyone departs at that point. They think back on the times they spent together. Gehna is informed by Suhani that she has no legal authority to occupy Seth’s Mansion. Sakuni is informed by Riddhima that she is now free to wed Agastya if Gehna had divorced Surya. Suhani is informed by Urmila that Gehna is her daughter and will reside with her. Surya is shocked when Suhani destroys Gehna’s possessions. She expresses her happiness that Surya is now free from the relationship.

She is informed by Surya that she cannot remove Gehna from his heart in Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Even though Suhani has her son, Gehna is still in his heart, he claims. She should take out his heart, he begs. He simply divorced Gehna, she informs him. He explains to her that Gehna requested their divorce, which is why he did it. He claims that Gehna doesn’t want to leave Urmila and that he is unable to leave her. Sikandar visits Surya’s room after a while. He urges him to reconsider his choice before it’s too late. According to him, Surya shouldn’t have left Gehna. He is informed by Surya that Gehna also provoked him. He receives an apology from Sikandar for his error. He claims he doesn’t want Kartick to endure any negative effects as a result of his errors. Suhani was his collaborator, he adds.

Lastly in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Surya won’t accept his word for it. He believes that Sikandar cannot accuse Suhani in this manner merely because he desires to see his wife and son again. Everyone is free to leave Suhani, he continues, but he won’t. He is told not to trust Suhani by Sikandar, who then exits the room. Everyone is gathered in the hall by Urmila. Suhani receives the invitation to Gehna and Agastya’s wedding from her. Surya is startled by what he sees. Gehna is among those who are astonished. According to Urmila, Gehna is her responsibility, which is why she made this choice. Gehna receives Suhani’s congratulations on her third union. Suhani is invited by Urmila to Gehna’s wedding. After tearing the marriage invitation card, Surya leaves.

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