Talking about theatre, it is an authentic presentation of an act from the artist.Artist portraits a character in the act which makes theatre more involving and a part of Drama. Then come to the uniqueness and the vibrancy the antics and the content they present in the act makes the theatre more entertaining.

India’s most vibrant theatre city: Kerala

Kerala is the City where cultural activities evolvement is at an extreme level. The City where Drama is given an opportunity to grace it with elegance. Kerala celebrates the International Theatre Festival of Kerala every year in the month of December. Every Drama is given a stage to perform its vibrant vibes.

The festival is conducted in order to make a performative appearance of art in the form of theatre with the artist. The ideas where the community is forgetting the cultural and the historic art forms, this platform makes it rebuilds the thought and involve great personality to grasp the audience view. To make certain awareness and to give life to Drama.

Kerala gives more platforms and opportunity to every art build artist to perform its art in the form of theatre. The main motive of theatre is to spread awareness among the audience. Theatre makes the audience get contact with the artist to connect with the artist.

Theatre revolves around the social activities and the present workings which contacts the audience and makes the performance live to attract the audience.Kerala gives opportunities to build the cultural social and the political affairs in the act of Theatre.

Some communities not accepting to involve around the theatre to their cultural extinction.Kerala making it more extended and revolving around cultural activities. To know about history and events they make it feel to perform in the form of art this makes Kerala the vibrant city of theatre in India due to their build of art and theatre