Esha Deol Takhtani talks about her cuddly baby...

Always wanted a happy and healthy baby: Esha Deol Takhtani

Esha Deol Takthani is now beaming and glowing with her motherhood! While she was pregnant she was never out of the limelight and after the delivery also she is still making news. There was speculation that Esha had taken a break from movies for a longer time, she is a mother of 6months old baby girl and she will never be back on silver screen! All her fans in her social media platform send messages to her to come back. Finally she has zipped all the concerned people’s thoughts and recently shot for a short film “Cakewalk” directed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee and Abhra Chakraborty in Kolkata.

While quizzing about her feelings about motherhood she instantly answered, “Radhya is my biggest production (smile) and she has completed me and Bharat as a parent. She is very bubbly, always smiling, very cheerful. Sometimes she does those mischievous things which I used to do as a child.”

Esha and Bharat got to know that the baby will be a girl when they went for babymoon in Greece. But they preferred to be tight-lipped till the day Radhya was born. Many speculations were there about the name before delivery even both of them were going through names, says Esha “Our families and friends were given naming books to us and every night we used to go through names, combinations and then suddenly we decided upon Radhya, it means ‘To Be Worshipped’ and she came into this world just one day prior to Diwali so she is our Laxmi.” They always wanted a healthy and happy baby and Radhya is the one.

While coming to the short film when questioned how does it feel to face the camera after a long time? She immediately said, “I have always wanted to work in a film which has a strong storyline and strong character which I would love to do and thankfully Cakewalk is the film whose story I liked and said yes to it. Also it also matters when people around you doesn’t make you feel that you have taken a break so how will you do it but thankfully with the team and Ramkamal and Abhra it was literally Cakewalk for me (laughs)”.  Cakewalk is produced by Assorted Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd and SS1 Entertainment and Aritra Das.

Before signing off we wish Radhya a blessed and healthy life and we are sure Radhya will be taking the legacy of dance and acting ahead in life.

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