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Read to know some of the best skincare tips straight from Blackpink girls’ diaries.

4 Skincare tips from K-pop band Blackpink’s girls

In recent years, K-pop band, Blackpink has gotten all the attention and hype, and it’s not to deny that it’s quite deserving. They have spectacularly wowed us with their music and lifestyle. The girls are extremely hot and beautiful, but also talented. Their social media profiles have garnered a lot of attention, for their daily fashion updates and others. Recently Blackpink fans are extremely keen and curious to know how the girls are having so flawless skin altogether! So, concerning that, we are up with 5 best skincare tips from them, just for you! So, if you are an admirer of Korean beauty, then you have checked in, right!

1. Say no to makeup, and nod yes to Skincare

Jisoo’s handbag contains a scant measure of cosmetics items or makeup products; the symbol uncovers that it’s just on the grounds that she decides to concentrate more on skincare instead of cosmetics or makeup.

2. Cleansing is a must!

Rose believes that cleansing is the most significant thing to do when it comes to taking care of her skin, and she never forgets to remove makeup after a long day, no matter what!

3. Detoxication is important! So, drink a lot of detox juice and water

Jennie said that she drinks a glass of fresh fruit detox juice in the morning and a lot of water all throughout the day, to keep her skin healthy. Which implies that it comes everything from within, so not just taking care of your skin from the outside is enough but also detoxifying your body from inside, is crucial, to cherish the best output.

4. A facial massage after moisturising

This tip comes from Lisa. This permits the moisturiser to infiltrate further into the skin, improving its effects. Also, Lisa carries a facial massager every time, wherever she goes.

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