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Sumukhi Suresh is a stand-up comedian, director and also writes comedy scripts for movies and series. Being this bubbly and chubby cute girl who wins hearts over making people laugh!

Actor, the writer, stand up comedian Sumukhi Suresh is the powerhouse of talent

Sumukhi Suresh is the top female comedian of India. We can see her in comicstaan series which airs only on amazon prime and also is known to be working on a series for amazon prime! Her fans are very eager for her on this platform now. She is an absolute delight on stage as well as off-stage also.

As well all know, making someone laugh is a true art, which is very difficult and needs absolute good humour which is filled in this bubbly one! Don’t doubt her cuteness, you might get caught!
She is also known to be making a few viral videos on YouTube and other platforms! Her fans are very entertained by her work and dedication. It takes a moment to make someone cry but the best one is when you can make them laugh! Sumukhi certainly excels in this then! In one the Article of Hindustan Times this Popular face Sumukhi Suresh was called as Indian Tina Fey. Sumukhi is seen creating awesome and full of humour content and roles for herself to take her career forward. She is always seen Blazing Bold for her path.

She has worked in few series for a minor role but is mostly seen as giving comedy scripts for series or videos on YouTube! Her humour is well appreciated by her audience as well as her Co-workers!

Well God bless this beautiful and bubblish lady who is actually doing a good job where people laugh so much that spreads so many positive vibes around. Our blessings with her always!

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