Let’s see who deserves your love more, Amit Bhadana or Be YouNick

Amit Bhadana vs Be YouNick: Who Deserves Your Love More?

Amit Bhadana and Be YouNick, both the YouTubers are the most adored ones amongst the millennials of the country. Youth love their humour and short comedy sketches. Their videos never fail to get millions of views, altogether. Both have earned a massive fan following all over the Internet; but today, we are up here to know whom you love more! Amit Bhadana or Be YouNick.

But before you go and comment, read out their briefs.

Amit Bhadana, the accidental YouTuber, but now is a superstar, administering hearts of the youth, is the first Indian YouTuber to get 20million subscribers. Amit has struggled to fullest and has always managed to make us love him, at every point of time. Here are some of his videos that would give you a good and healthy laugh.

Be YouNick, also known as Nikunj Lotia, is one of the favourite YouTubers amongst the millennials of the country. Nikunj is loved for his humble and soft-spoken attitude. He is super frank and open to his fans, which is why his fans love him to the fullest. He is a popular YouTube star and a social media influencer. Here are some of his videos, check them out!

Now, what do you think? Who deserves your love and support more!

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