Barkha Singh talks about her upcoming web stint

I was apprehensive to take up KYY3: Barkha Singh

Beautiful and talented Barkha Singh is set to have a breezy summer. Reason? She will gently cascade into the hearts of millions, soothing their senses via her impressive portrayal in upcoming VOOT originals Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan season 3 (BBC Worldwide Media).

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan franchise is super popular among fans and though it’s a great project to showcase one’s acting prowess, Barkha was initially skeptical to give a nod to it.

She explains, “The show has its own loyal set of followers. When the original cast moves on, it always brings a certain amount of doubt and resentment among these followers. However, later I pondered on the opportunity and thus decided to take it. It’s great that my fears have not come true and fans have shown warmth towards my inclusion.”

KYY’s first two seasons beamed on television and now, its third installment will roll out in web space.

Talking about the change in medium, Barkha tells: “It doesn’t really matter to me in terms of the medium. KYY is a cult show and will be watched widely. I am happy that my role is a meaty one and I am looking forward to my web debut.”

Barkha is having a gala time shooting with her co stars: “I already knew many of them specially Charlie (Chauhan) and now our bonding has become warmer. Parth (Samthaan) and Niti (Taylor) are also great people.”

Well, on that note, we wish Barkha and KYY 3 a huge success.

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