Avrodh: The Siege Within series will see Bollywood actor Amit Sadh in the role of Major Tango, the on-screen version of the real-life hero who spearheaded the 2016 surgical strike.

Talking about the series, he shares, “We all are really petrified as we are playing real people from a real-world and not typical hero heroines, so the scare is that have we researched enough? Or will we touch the audience’s hearts? We have put it all together and worked very hard on the project but if you ask me I am very very scared. I hope audiences like the show as we have worked hard on the characters that we are going to play in Avrodh. It is a war specialist bureau series. For me Avrodh is Virodh, it is going against the wrong.”

Amit shared a happy bond with co-star Darshan, he says, “One of the bonuses of being part of Avrodh is going back to talking about Darshan (Kumar), he has worked very hard and I think I have found a friend. What has inspired me is his innocence, hard work for the craft and his honesty. He doesn’t act for himself, he acts for the whole scene.”

On an end note, he shares a sweet story and mentions: “I would like to tell a short story, my dad always wanted me to join the army. I have been trained but I could not join the army. My acting journey started, a couple of years back there was an army story that came to me, another war story, I did research and everything but the movie did not come to me. I was very disheartened. Now, I am playing the Major Tango in upcoming series Avrodh: The Siege Within and this is my tribute to my father. I am very thankful and grateful to the team for this opportunity. This is a gift from God and I dedicate it to my country, armed forces, my father and the entire team.”