Pooja Banerjee talks about her character graph in the second season of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, and also compares it with her role in Kasautii.

Bani in Kehne Ko 2 will understand the reality of what it takes to handle a relationship: Pooja Banerjee

Pooja Banerjee is hopeful of getting ‘double’ the love and appreciation from her fan base as she gears up for the streaming of the second edition of the ALTBalaji series Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai.

Says Pooja, “I am part of all the second seasons possible with Kasautii Zindagi Kay and Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai. So I hope to get double happiness for the hard work put in.”

Pooja who has donned many cute roles in her career is done with playing the cuter versions now. “It was a deliberate attempt to explore varied shades upon bagging the role of Nivedita Basu in Kasautii Zindagi Kay. Nivedita Basu is all about being negative and playing her games. Even now, the hatred in Nivedita will only increase in the story line. It will be interesting to see what she does now.”

Pooja who plays a very contrast character of Bani, a girl who is so very kiddish, mean and innocent too in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai looks forward to the graph in her character in Season 2. “In Season 2, Bani has grown a bit mature with time and experience. Having said this, the kiddish behaviour in her will be seen too, but she has become all the more responsible now. Bani will be extra bitchy and rude to Ananya (Mona Singh). She will not care a damn about what her in-laws feel about her, but she will be put in place by her mom (Gurdeep Punjj). The big turning point in Bani will be that after going through all the turmoils related to her marriage and life-after, she will understand the hard reality of what it takes to handle a relationship and will somewhere be upset of having been rude to her father (Ronit Roy).”

Pooja who shares screen space with the popular hunk Parth Samthaan in Kasautii 2 will also go on to be paired with him in Season 2 of Kehne Ko. “Well, you people have to watch Kehne Ko to know how Parth’s character is linked to Bani. Yes, he is opposite me, but I cannot give out anything more (smiles).”

“It was real fun shooting with Parth for Kehne Ko. We used to have a huge laugh while shooting as our characters here were so very different from what we play in Kasautii. Having said this, it was a fresh take wherein we got the liberty to play younger to our age. Also, we could play ourselves here,” she adds.

As the launch date of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 2 approaches (14 February, Valentine’s Day), she feels soaked in excitement and nervous energies. “There were so many people who related to the character of Bani when Season 1 launched. People came up telling their tales about their daughters to me. I was really overwhelmed with such a good response pouring in. Now, I feel thankful for being part of the series yet again. I really hope people love the new season. I also hope that they find my character relatable like last time.”

Pooja, wish you all the very best!!


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