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Candid chat with Ridhi Dogra  

Barun Sobti and I are fuss-free actors: Ridhi Dogra  

Talented small screen actor Ridhi Dogra, last seen in a music video, is awaiting her digital debut with Asura on Voot.

“I had a great time working with Barun Sobti. Both of us are natural, fuss-free actors. Despite knowing each other for a long time, we never got to share screen space. So initially, we found it funny. I still remember both of us bursting into laugher after canning the first scene.”

“Not only with him, I share a very good equation with the rest of the cast (Arshad Warsi sir and Sharib Hashmi) as well. Since everyone was bringing their A game to the set, I too was pushed to do more.”

“As the characters in this psychological thriller were written in a particular way, we had to bring in a certain amount of layering while delivering dialogues and acting.”

“It is a very bold show, but not in terms of nudity,” added she.

Here Ridhi, who recently broke up with her husband Raqesh Bapat, admitted that Asura has been delayed. The project was first announced in Nov last.

“That is a Voot internal call. I am aware of the what and why, but would prefer to keep my counsel, as it is not my place to do so.”

“Having said that, there has been a lot of hard work and passion put into this project, right from prepping to shoot and post.”

“We have just wrapped up dubbing and whoever has seen the rushes is super impressed. We are hopeful that whenever it releases (sooner rather than later), it would still be relevant and appeal to the audiences,” says Ridhi, who first came into prominence with Maryada Lekin Kab Tak (Star Plus).

“Looking ahead, I am open to interesting stories and characters on OTT, which TV can’t show.”

“No wonder, broadcast TV is hemorrhaging viewers across age demographics to web. Even my mother has shifted to YouTube and Netflix.”

“My work in Asura too has been praised. I have been told that it will herald bigger and better projects for me down the road.”

In closing, we ask Ridhi how media-shy Barun is, in real life. “Given that he is my brother’s best friend, I can tell you he is no different in person as well. What else can I say? Better ask him,” ends she.

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