Let’s find out which Jodi would appear, next, on-screen BB-Jannat or Ashish-Avneet

Bhuvan Bam-Jannat Zubair Vs Ashish Chanchlani-Avneet Kaur: Which Jodi You Want to See On-Screen Next?

Well, though it’s unusual to dream of something like that, what if it happens in future. When actually YouTubers and TikTokers get along and make good videos and content. We would wait for those days to come though! And that being said, we are wondering which pair would be loved the most in the near future, if to occur! BB and Jannat or Ashish and Avneet!

We think both the jodis would look great! We would love them both.

BB is a well-known YouTuber, who is famous for his Vines, the first YouTuber to introduce the concept of Vines to India. On the other side, Jannat Zubair is a superb actress, known for her brilliant acting flairs, she has appeared in several Bollywood films and TV shows, she is also a TikTok star as of now earned millions of followers.

Simultaneously, Ashish Chanchlani, the guy who is adored for his slapstick comedy and easy-going humour, is a renowned YouTube celebrity loved by the millennials. Though he also joined TikTok as his videos were being tampered by several TikTokers. On the other side, Avneet Kaur, one of the best digital actresses to follow, is a fashion blogger, is adored by the youth of the country, she has gained popularity at a very young age and is now a TikTok star who has gained several followers.

But the call is on you! Which Jodi you want to see on-screen next!

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