CarryMinati, the young Indian YouTuber has found success with his channel at a very early age but he has earned every bit!

With the ever-rising boom in social networking sites and online media, more and more digital content is being appreciated and it is giving a great boost to the young and creative minds who are showcasing talent on their YouTube channels and other social platforms.

One of the most famous YouTubers is India’s very own CarryMinati (known in the real world as Ajey Nagar) whose YouTube roast videos have made him an absolute hit with his audiences. It may have taken him years to perfect his art and then get it to monetize for him but Ajey Nagar had started videos while he was only 8 and he has never looked back since.

CarryMinati : The Indian YouTuber who’s been a game changer on YouTube!
His other channel Carry is live is at a whopping 667k + subscribers with 20k peak concurrent views on just a single stream and all of this has been achieved by this young adult, who is just starting out his twenties. Imagine that!

Gone are the days when people weren’t too familiar with the virtual media. CarryMinati is the only Indian YouTuber to have collaborated with the very famous Hollywood actor and style icon Tom Cruise. This took a couple of years, a huge amount of monetisation and of course his craziness to help himreach to this level.

CarryMinati : The Indian YouTuber who’s been a game changer on YouTube! 1

His craziness is precisely what ensures that he also gets to share the “red carpet’ with Tom Cruise and promote his new movie, alongside the international star himself.

CarryMinati : The Indian YouTuber who’s been a game changer on YouTube! 2

But the sensation and madness is quite visible in today’s youth for Indian YouTuber CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar. If you haven’t seen his video yet then you should give it a go right away, because you are sure to find some great content and amazing roasts on his YouTube channel, and CarryMinati, without a doubt, would be gaming in these videos!

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