Read to know why CarryMinati's channel is the most viewed channel in India right now.

CarryMinati: The Most Subscribed Youtuber In India Soon?

With a whopping 19million subscribers, CarryMinati is on the headlines again. We love his roast videos and the class of humour he creates. It is amazing but not for the fragile heart.

CarryMinati had begun his career as a gamer, he used to display his gaming videos on his channel and expanded a humongous fan base in the virtual world. Later he introduced himself as CarryMinati and started making Roast videos. His success shows how he has related to the youth with his content. He introduced Roasting to India. He has boggled us with his humour.

CarryMinati is all on the headlines, the guy who played to be instrumental to the abrupt down count of TikTok. The ratings of TikTok went from 5 to 1 within a week after Carry’s video was taken down by YouTube. Carry’s fans were all out and chanting #justiceforcarry in these past days. The video YouTube vs TikTok was about to set the record amongst the YouTube community.

Well, it is no wonder that his channel would be the most viewed one. Isn’t it?

Here are some of his roast videos.

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