You have to name your favourite Social Media Sensation, is it CarryMinnati, Beer Biceps or BB Ki Vines?

CarryMinati Vs Beer Biceps Vs BB Ki Vines: Who’s Your Favourite Social Media Sensation?

CarryMinati is in the news for his roasting videos and fights regarding the YouTube Vs TikTok controversy.

Carry Minati whose name is Ajey Nagar flaunted his gaming skills on YouTube and that paved way for his growth in the line. The digital star and his videos trended big time and he won the love of one and all. His roasting videos are a rage and bring about great viewing and his comedy and funny nature impress one and all.

Bhuvan Bam is another popular YouTuber who has won the love of masses. Popularly known as BB Ki Vines, his content on YouTube has a robust profile and people love him for his fashion sense and smartness too. Bhuvan actually is the first to shoot on the concept of vines in India.

Beer Biceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia is a well-known social media influencer and is a famous YouTuber. He deals with fitness, diet and related content. He has a huge following and has cracked deals with various brand marketing.

Now, which is your favourite Social Media Sensation?

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