Akansha Ranjan who will debut in the Netflix series Guilty gets into a conversation.

The combination of Netflix and Dharma Productions for my debut is a dream come true: Akansha Ranjan

Akansha Ranjan, is excited about her acting debut with Dharma film Guilty having a digital release on Netflix.

“Today, most of us anyway consume Netflix content, as a default entertainment option.”

Guilty, directed by Ruchi Narain, also stars Kiara Advani and Taher Shabbir.

“OTT allows you to tell stories which otherwise might not make it to theatres due to commercial and other reasons. Many films which tanked at the box-office have found a fresh lease of life on the web,” adds this younger sister of film and web actress Anushka Ranjan.

“Don’t get me wrong; while everyone wants to shine on the big screen, this is yet another avenue for us actors and filmmakers.”

Talking about her character Akansha says, “I would rather wait for you to see it for self when it streams next month. But yes, Tanu is very bold, and I care a damn girl; some might even mistake to be a gold digger. She is a very aspirational girl who knows what she wants. It took me a lot of prep to get physically as confident as her. I am not even emotionally like her.”

“I have got a lot to do as an actor as the story moves from start to finish. The edgy script gives the actor within me a lot of creative freedom. This combination of Netflix and Dharma for my debut is like a dream come true.” says this daughter of Anu Ranjan of Beti fame.

Looking ahead, she wants to do more stuff on web and films, “But I would prefer to wait for the response to Guilty.”

In closing, Akansha says she enjoyed working with Kiara Advani, “We got along very well on set. We would spend a lot of off time in each other’s vanity vans. She is very motivating and helpful.”

Best of luck, girl!!

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