Kylie Jenner is training her daughter to be a fashionista and we are loving it…

We are crushing on Kylie Jenner and Stormi’s effortless twinning

Kylie Jenner is a well known American media personality and a businesswoman. She owns her cosmetic company Kylie cosmetics. She was one of the most influential teenagers. As of March’19, she was the youngest billionaire in the world at the age of 21. This woman is perfection in everything she does and apart from her great makeup kits we love, we also adore her fashion sense.

Well, Kylie is training her daughter to be a fashionista at an early age. Kylie loves to dress up her daughter as she herself does and loves twinning with Stormi. The mother-daughter duo post numerous pictures on Instagram but the twinning ones are our absolute favourite and are the cutest. Stormi is really adorable and is probably the next baby fashionista in the town. Well, she has got it in her genes. If you need inspiration to twin with your friends, siblings, parents or kids, you know whom to look at.

Take a look at their pictures and stay tuned for more such updates.

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