As a digital star, you can actually inspire and motivate people: Shalini Samuel

In conversation with Shalini Samuel

As a digital star, you can actually inspire and motivate people: Shalini Samuel

Meet Shalini Samuel and you will realize how confident she is as a person and a professional. A YouTube star, Shalini and her ‘Knotty’ videos are a rage on the web, guiding and inspiring many to lead a ‘stylish’ life.

In an exclusive chat with IWMBuzz, Shalini talks about her career journey and more…read on

To begin with, how does it feel to be a digital star?

To me it feels amazing because the most important thing about being an influencer/ YouTuber is that you can actually make a difference to people’s lives cause you can inspire and motivate people and your opinions and voices are heard- it also comes with a lot of responsibility but overall it’s the best feeling in the world.

How did you come up with the name Knot Me Pretty?

So, while I was browsing for names for the channel, my friends and family were helping me with a couple of names and suggestions, I knew I wanted to give the channel a different name and also synonymous to the content I make, so we just put this together while doing some research and the name is also creative.

What is the idea all about?

I started with hair and beauty, but I’m branching out into Lifestyle, Grooming, Fashion, Fitness, Hacks/ DIYs- I want it to be a one-stop channel for women to learn everything they struggle with when it comes to grooming or taking care of themselves- I also wish to inspire and entertain them along the way.

As a digital star, you can actually inspire and motivate people: Shalini Samuel 1

Do you think Indians by nature are stylist or need grooming tips?

Indians by nature are stylish but they do follow trends and fashion, lifestyle inspirations as well. Yes, they do need grooming at some point but then we have diverse cultures and style sense in our country which is great with a little bit of grooming it can be a very stylish country.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes kind of, in a way that women are at par with men- but definitely never downgrading men or being better than men at all- it’s all about equal rights and opportunist for me that’s what feminism is all about.

Your thoughts on rising crime rate against women in India?

It’s disgraceful, I feel the key is to change the mind-sets of people and teaching their sons from a younger age to respect women, it’s also a lot to with their upbringing – it all begins at home.

Tell us a bit about your association with Qyuki Digital?

So, I’ve been with Qyuki since Jan and it feels like family the first time with any network, what I love most about them is – they not only work for you but they also work with you, they are super accessible at any given time and I’ve been very happy with my association with no biased opinions here at all.

We wish her luck.

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