Akarsh Khurana talks about his new TVF show.

After engaging youth, TVF intends to attract their parents with Yeh Meri Family:  Akarsh Khurana

Multi-talented Akarsh Khurana has donned many hats. He has worked as a casting director, producer, writer, lyricist and actor.

Akarsh will be seen in TVF’s Yeh Meri Family which will premiere on TVF Play app on 12 July. He plays the role of a father and is paired opposite TV actress Mona Singh.

Sharing his insight on the show, he says, “Yeh Meri Family brings the 90s era again. When I used to reach on sets, all the memories used to run through my mind. I thought I was doing a period drama. I had an amazing time shooting for the series, as I got to relive my childhood.”

While talking about working with Mona Singh, he adds, “I had only met her couple of times socially. Initially, I was scared because she is an amazing actress. She has worked in a lot of shows. When we met on the first day, the comfort level was established; it was because Mona is a very friendly person. I was formal but she was very normal. We became friends and that helped us to portray our character well and get the chemistry on-screen.”

When asked how he got associated with TVF, he shares, “I run a theatre company for the last 18 years and Sumeet Vyas has worked with me. He directed and acted in my plays. When Sumeet was beginning to write Tripling, he shared the idea of it with me. He got me in TVF and we wrote the show together and it was a hit. We have already written Season 2. While working for Tripling, I bonded well with Sameer Saxena. Hence, he called me and asked me to work on his show Yeh Meri Family.”

Akarsh feels that it’s tough to bring variation in writing because of too many competitors. “I feel with so many digital platforms, it has been very tough to create content. Now, quality matters the most. There are so many options that if you don’t stand out, you might lose it. I feel you can’t take audience for granted too. If you make a bad show, you might lose your subscribers. When TVF started, they only created unique content and produced quality series. When I saw Pitchers, I liked it. Permanent Roommates was also amazing. After watching Tripling, people actually called their siblings and went for a road trip. So there we became the winners. TVF has understood its audience and created relatable material for them. They know youth is with them; so with Yeh Meri Family, they want to attract their parents too.”

Well said, Akarsh!


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