Candid chat with Piew Jana 

Every girl is like a flower which blooms when afforded love and opportunities: Piew Jana  1

How would you feel when you have to leave your home and hearth for good? Well, every girl who gets married has to face this bittersweet experience. Cute and talented actor Piew Jana, last seen in Star Plus show, Krishna Chali London, has made a short film, Phirdousi Phool, on this very phenomenon. It is produced and directed by Piew’s better half, Manish Mishra (Framecut Entertainment).

Piew says, “Every girl who is about to get married is full of apprehensions whether she will get the same love and attention at her in-laws’, as she would get at her parents’ home. She expects her husband to take care of her like her father would.”

“I too had similar doubts, but I am glad that Manish and his family have given me the same love and respect as my own folks.”

“It is very important for the in-laws to get the fact that their bahu is a complete individual in her own right and does not need their surname to give her identity. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that she will not follow the family norms. She will do all the right things.”

“The title is apt, for every girl is like a flower which blooms when afforded love and opportunities.”

“Although patriarchy dominates the landscape, there are several cases where the bride finally finds love and belonging, which she never got in her parents’ place,” says Piew, who has also done a film.

“Being a feminist, I stand for empowerment and I am making more short films on the same issue.”

In closing, we ask Piew how a short will stand out in the clutter of the same, she says, “First thing is the feminist angle; and secondly and more importantly, it speaks to your family audience, as it has no nudity and vulgarity.”

Piew, wish you all the best for your new endeavour.

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