Candid chat with Sonam Arora

Why is everybody so hung up on sex: Sonam Arora

Sonam Arora, who played a lesbian Haryanvi gal in ALTBalaji series, Gandii Baat 2, did not sleep the whole night after her liplock scene with her female co-star. “Kissing a guy is easier and natural, for I am not wired that way. Having said that, I am really happy that the apex court has finally legalized gay sex, allowing alternate sexual-oriented people to come out of the closet.  Hope a day comes when same sex marriages also become the norm in India as in the west.”

So how did your family react? “While mom loved my acting, I didn’t show it to dad as we share a more traditional relationship.”

“As for public feedback, it has been a mixed bag. While some have appreciated my acting, the best compliment I have got so far is that I look much younger than my actual age as per character. On the flip side, I have also been called names. I really don’t pay much attention to such barking dogs. Hell, why can’t you realize that I am just essaying a character and am not such in real life. To be fair, we had been warned about such trolling, so were kinda prepared.”

Here Sonam, who has been around for years doing music videos and the Zee Zindagi show, Aadhe Adhure, says, “ More than the trolling, it is the industry stereotyping that is harmful for versatile artists. It is sad that Flora Saini, who also did another lesbian story in the same series, is only getting similar roles.”

“I am lucky, for soon audiences will see me in a different role in Nikhil Advani’s Batla House. As an artist, I want to try all kinds of roles, and bold is just one facet. Why are people so hung up just on that?There is much more to the actor within.”

Is there a fear that Nikhil Advani might not like his second lead doing such an edgy role? “No, I had shot for Gandi Baat even before Batla House came my way. And we have not spoken about it. I am not sure if he has even seen it; and if he had any issue, he would have certainly voiced it.”

Wish you all the best, Sonam.

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