Let’s see which is the best Radhika Apte’s web series, Ghoul or Sacred Games

Ghoul vs Sacred Games: Best of Radhika Apte’s Web Series

Radhika Apte is one of the colossal actresses in the film world. From web series to Bollywood films, Radhika Apte has charmed us to the fullest by her grand acting skills. As of now, we can’t help but go obsessed with her recent web series, Ghoul and Sacred Games. Though her characterisations have been completely different in the two she has beautifully executed them in both.

Ghoul is a series based on spectre and spectrality, full with horror sequences. The series is based on Arabian folklore. Radhika Apte’s played the role of Nida Rahmin in the series and has wowed us with her strong and bold impressions in the series. We loved her looks to the fullest.

On the other hand, in the series Sacred Games, Radhika’s character has been as brave as in Ghoul. She played the role of Anjali Mathur in the series, who gets shot dead while investigating and running behind those loopholes that the story had. We were shocked and thrilled by her sudden death in the series, it was so unexpected, but still, given us a strong relevance!

Here go the trailers!

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