Antara Biswas aka Mona Lisa as new Jhuma Boudi in Dupur Thakurpo Season 2

I am glad that I am returning to the Bengali industry with such a popular web-series: Mona Lisa on Dupur Thakurpo Season 2

Hoichoi Originals’ Dupur Thakurpo, a popular adult comedy which quickly became fan favourite with the advent of ‘Uma Boudi’ (Boudi is the Bengali name for sister-in-law) played by Bengal film industry’s eminent actor, Swastika Mukherjee, is back with season 2.

Season 2 has a surprise for the loyal viewers as the series has introduced a new Boudi called ‘Jhuma Boudi’. The role is being played by Bigg Boss 10 fame Mona Lisa, who is an established actress in the Bhojpuri Film Industry.

Talking about her new project, Monalisa says, “Dupur Thakurpo Season 2 will see Thakurpos (Devars or brothers-in-law) being admitted in a rehab. They are in the extensive care treatment in the rehab under Chhor Da, who is a very strict character, and a misogynist who hates women specially Boudi’s. One day Chhor Da’s brother Bor Da comes to visit the rehab and asks to shelter his wife Jhuma for few days. After Jhuma  Boudi’s entry in the rehab, Chhor Da finds it hard maintaining the rehab’s disciplines as the Thakurpos.”

She continues, “I wanted to return to the Bengali industry for quite some time and what better opportunity than working for a platform. I am glad that I am returning with such a huge and popular web-series. Web is the future. It is the most happening platform for youngsters and everyone.”

When asked whether she is nervous or excited for the series, she answers, “I am nervous as well as excited for the series. As this is season 2 so I have to give my best. I have to perform with double energy. I am preparing myself for the same.”

Good luck!

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