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Vaarun Bhagat who plays the role of Lucky in Undekhi gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com

I am happy that I had my share of meaty scenes in Undekhi: Vaarun Bhagat

Vaarun Bhagat the talented actor has given life and soul to the rugged and aggressive character of Lucky in the web-series Undekhi created by Applause Entertainment and produced by Sidharth Sengupta’s Edgestorm Entertainment. The series has been directed by Ashish R Shukla.

Vaarun plays the role of Lucky who is the brother, right-hand and closest to Rinku (Surya Sharma).

Says Vaarun, “I am extremely fortunate for having been part of Undekhi which actually trended big and is being widely watched. I am not at all Lucky in real life. I will not allow anything like this to happen in front of me. Here, he is a character who is part of all the injustice. Whatever Lucky is doing, is to protect his own family. He is protecting his Papaji (Harsh Chhaya) and brother Rinku. We have our own consciousness which tells us and also protects us from doing anything nasty. But Lucky has no such barometers. He will do anything and everything for his family. So for me, it was very difficult to play Lucky. The part where Lucky undresses the girl, the physical vindictiveness in him was such a challenge for me. In his mind, he is right in his actions. This is how I approached the role and never did judge him. I am happy that I had my real share of meaty scenes.”

Vaarun who was ruthless in revenge in the series has a good heart and says, “I used to apologize to Apeksha a lot many times, after doing all the scenes. All in the cast became like a good family. Abhishek who played Rishi in the series was my room mate and I spent most of my free time with him. However, I was the one who abused, chased and hit him a lot in the series. It was so funny, the way it was!! He always had the feeling, why are you doing this to me? I loved my scenes with Apeksha; she is a sparkling actress. Surya is a friend and brother of mine. We had a good chemistry together.”

“I am a Punjabi who cannot speak in Punjabi. So I had to go back to my roots and get the lingo right. I worked hard on the script. The writing was so wonderful that at times even when there were no dialogues, there was so much going on,” he adds.

The character of Lucky had a good graph. From being the ruthless guy to the man with all emotions when he kills his own brother, Vaarun’s character had everything. “The killing of Lovely was a very difficult scene. The conflict in the mind had to come out well. We did not have much of light during that scene. We were drenched in water, shivering. It was a very exhaustive scene too. But at the same time, it gives a good arc to Lucky; it shows that he is also a human and not a robot. The layering was shown really well. This also shows that Lucky is loyal. In his mind, he is like a soldier who can do anything. The choices you need to make are not right at all times, but you need to make it.”

Talking about the exquisite locations of Manali where the team of Undekhi shot, he states, “The locations we have shot on – the bridge, mountains, rivers, jungle were amazing. You will never ever in your life get a chance to shoot in the wee hours in a jungle. That was the experience we had.”

On the satisfaction level of being part of Undekhi, Vaarun exclaims, “I am certainly satisfied. I got the space to portray my character with my own conviction. I am very happy with the work that I have done in Undekhi. I am thrilled for Season 2.”

Last but not the least, Vaarun is all praise for the people of Manali. “They are so nice, gentle and pure. It was all work and fun throughout.”

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