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With his relatable brand of comedy, these hilarious moments of stand-up comedian Kanan Gill will have make you LOL!

Hilarious Quotes by Kanan Gill that are relatable AF

They say laughter is the best medicine and it’s true. And in order to get your daily dose of laughter, one only has to scroll through YouTube and check out of the most amazing Indian comic acts that have come up in recent times.

One of them is Indian Stand-Up comedian, Kanan Gill. Known for his sharp wit and brilliant sketches, this comedian has raised through the ranks to become of the most popular acts in India. He came into the limelight with his YouTube series Pretentious Movie Reviews, wherein he hilariously reviewed Bollywood films with fellow comedian Biswas Kalyan Rath.

Kanan has done over 1000 shows all around the world and was recently seen in Amazon’s Sketchy Behaviour that also had another popular comedian Kenny Sebastian.

Hilarious Quotes by Kanan Gill that are relatable AF 1

We bring you some of the best Kanan Gill quotes that are so relatable, you will end up in stitches!

  • Decoding the mystery of relationships:

‘Every Relationship is like delicately balanced game of Jenga’

  • Every Indian Parent ever:

‘You can’t be impatient with your parents. They’re like “We used to clean your potty, remember that?”

  • When you can relate to this on a spiritual level. I mean where’s the lie?:

‘If my battery dies and I can’t reach the charger, I just lie there, covered in chips. Then I wake up on Monday, dust off the chips, and lie on Facebook about my amazing weekend’

  • The sad truth of life:

‘If you’re the only child it’s because your parents had you and realised that they don’t like children’

  • Here’s Kanan raising an extremely important issue that no one wants to talks about:

Driving Tests in India ‘There is a cow, how do you cross?’

  • Ideal relationships be like:

‘Love is a series of sorry’s that mean fuck you’

Honestly, Kanan Gill never fails to impress and these quotes just prove that!

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