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The youth sensation enters into a candid chat with Indianwikimedia

I am genetically gifted: Aahana Kumra

The youth sensation, who has made men a little wobbly in the heart, thanks to her stunning looks, has won audiences’ accolade across formats in the industry. She has performed in dramas, television as well as web series and has wowed all with her superb portrayals.

“I like all mediums. I don’t think the format matters much, what matters are the people with whom you are working with. If you are working with a bunch of idiots it will always be boring. I am very thankful that I have always got the chance to work with fun loving people,” says a straight forward Aahana.

She was recently appreciated for her bold and eye catching performances in Arre’s Chukiyagiri.

“The pattern is pretty much similar working in a web series, like television, they too have timings and schedules. Having said that, in digital space an actor can add her own creative touch and ask for innumerable retakes.”

She is sexy and has a great physique to match it. We ask her about her modelling career and what is the message she wants to give to the youth.

“I don’t consider myself a model. I am just genetically gifted. I think life is short and beautiful, hence one should enjoy it to the fullest. Eat different food items and travel a lot.”

Many might be aware but but Aahana has shared screen presence with the Big B of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan (in Sony TV’s Yudh).

“Wow, it’s a memory I cherish. He is the best co-star I have ever worked with. The best thing about him is that he is so down to earth and humble that he does not make you feel that you are working with ‘the’ Amitabh Bachchan,” she beams.

Growing up every aspiring actor has a dream role he or she wants to play. What’s hers? “Any role in an action movie in which I would be bashing up 10 to 20 guys at a time.”

Now that’s an out of the box dream role.

She is clearly hard-working and anytime ready for a laugh. We wish her best wishes for all her future roles and may all her dreams come true. We definitely enjoyed the conversation and will be looking forward to our future acquaintances.

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