Star kid Sara Tendulkar is a famous social media star. The model has constantly buzzed in the headlines for the past few months. While the father-daughter duo always inspires others with the bond they share. In contrast, Sachin Tendulkar’s image at home was just casual with his kids. And here’s what Sara Tendulkar used to think about him as a kid. Read more to know.

Sara Tendulkar About Father’s Image

Sara attends various events and has always been the top attention seeker. And so she did during the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre. The star kid said, “So growing up i never really understood the magnitude of personality, that is Sachin Tendulkar but i think for me he was always just my father, it was just simple. But i think after watching the movie it made me truly understand what everyone else thinks of him and how much they respect him as a star.”

Further, she continued, “My favorite part in the movie is probably when they speak about my parents meeting, the whole romance I think that is just cute, and also their wedding scene in just really nice.”

Sara Tendulkar Career

The star kid is currently pursuing further studies in medicine. She graduated from London College University in medicine. On the other hand, she has marked her modeling debut with Ajio.

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