Pracheen Chauhan who has had an enjoyable and satisfying journey in SIT’s Pyar Ka Punch talks about his experience and much more.

I should be cast for the way I look and not on how long I have been here – Pracheen Chauhan

Actor Pracheen Chauhan who has had an illustrious career of nearly 15 years now has literally re-invented himself as an actor on the digital space in a genre that he has never attempted on TV!!

Playing one of the central characters in Shitty Ideas Trending’s Pyar Ka Punch, Pracheen has gotten into the genre of comedy for the first time and has mastered it to elan…

Talking about his digital experience, the actor states, “The experience on the digital platform has been really good. Also, it gives all the liberty that an actor needs. Every actor wants to be as natural as he can, so this is the best available platform. On TV, the acting requirement is different and it is based on the over-dramatic situations. Every emotion on TV is exaggerated to an extent. If you are angry, you need to be extremely angry. If you are emotional, you need to be extremely emotional. That’s the format. Over here, me and the creatives that is Mohit (Hussein) and Chhavi (Mittal) have known each other for years, and touchwood, we are always on the same page. So working with SIT is fun. I get to improvise as an actor, and add my own creativity as an actor.”

Pracheen has always been a man full of emotions, in his roles on TV. Elaborating on attempting comedy for the first time, Pracheen avers, “All my characters on TV have been extremely emotional. Either I have been crying or I have been angry. My father actually used to tell me when he watched my show Swarg, that I appear to be like Dilip Kumar, the King of Tragedy. Such roles are emotionally exhausting for an actor. All actors go through this and for me, it has been huge. I have been keen on comedy. However, this is not the typical SAB TV comedy and is not over the top. So I don’t feel like I am acting and this brings in the natural flavour to the scenes.”

“I have always wanted to do comedy. It is the most difficult genre to play. It is tough to make people laugh. We have kept it as realistic and subtle as possible. So far we have been able to achieve our target with Pyar Ka Punch. It’s been one and half years, and it has been really good,” adds Pracheen.

On the response gotten for the series, the actor avers, “The response has been great. Recently I went to the United Services Club meant for the Army and Navy Officers, with a friend of mine. There was this officer who was there; he got up and asked me if I work in SIT. He told me that he likes it a lot.  Usually, youngsters are the ones who watch such programs. But this coming from such an officer was really overwhelming. If you are getting recognized by people from different walks of life, it is really good. There was a couple who saw me in a mall and came up to wish me. So finally, people do know what Shitty Ideas Trending is all about. And this is the most satisfying thing about being part of this.”

With Pooja Gor, Pracheen’s chemistry comes across nicely. “She is a fine actress. The story is about a couple, so the chemistry between us has to be good. The response has been great, so we must be doing something right. In fact, our entire creative team has a good rapport and equation with us. We have never argued on anything and never had difference of opinions.”

Also, Pracheen has been looking the best in his stint with SIT. On the secret behind this, he quips, “This character’s requirement is that I can be myself. I mean Abhimanyu is street-smart, but I am talking about the look and style of the character. The camera work is also very nice. I am also getting this compliment that I look the best. On TV, the requirement decides how you need to look. I am lucky and blessed for getting this compliment.”

Age has never been a bar for Pracheen, and looks as stunning as ever. “Thank you so much. This is truly a blessing. I take care of myself; I diet, exercise, eat healthy food. God Has been kind that I am still maintaining myself even after being in this industry for 15 years now. I can’t take the entire credit, but feel lucky.”

On his return to TV, he states, “I am always keen on TV. But the kind of roles I want to do are not working out in my favour. I have been in this industry for so long. So I think I have been typecast to playing the serious roles. This is at least my perception. I would like to do a comedy serial, a subtle one. I cannot be caricaturish. My friends Hussein, Karanveer are doing it at the moment. So I think I need to be working with SAB TV (laughs). Usually, for such roles, they take actors who are tried and tested in the genre. I might have been in the industry for long, but I surely don’t look my age. I should be cast for the way I look, and not on how long I have been here. For example, SRK and Salman Khan are more than 50. But they don’t look their age and get to play younger characters. So I can play younger roles. Hopefully, this SIT stint should reach the concerned people, and on the basis of this, people will like to see a new Pracheen. I am also hoping that I get a since show where I get to show my talent in comedy.”

Pracheen, wish you all the very best for your future!!


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