Digital sensation Amol Parashar needs no introduction!!

The Viral Fever has left viewers craving for fresh entertainment coming from talented actors. One such actor, who has inspired a cult of his own, is Amol Parashar.

Be it DJ Chitvan in TVF Tripling, Soham in Bisht, Please!, Arjun in the short film Mama’s Boys or Rajeev in Traffic, the engineer-turned-actor has made his mark, and has promised to entertain audience each time.

In conversation with IndianWikiMedia, he talks about his journey, digital platforms, TV show debut and more…


How was your journey? Can you tell us from the beginning…how did you start and how was your struggle period?

I studied mechanical engineering at IIT Delhi and then went on to work at an American consulting firm. I was doing theatre during college. The idea for me was to take a break from my work and give more time to theatre. I never thought of coming to Mumbai hence I never felt that pressure. Everything came to me as surprises. I was offered ads, movies and other work too. Of course there was a period wherein some projects got delayed but that is part and parcel of an actor’s life.

How has your working experience been with TVF?

It has been a wonderful experience as I have known them for a long time now. It is also because we share similar background. I was already working as an actor. I knew the two actors with whom I worked in the series personally. It was like working with friends.

The idea of getting in to the digital world changed my life: Amol Parashar 1

You became a cult figure playing the DJ in Tripling; tell us your experience?

I always knew that it is an interesting character as I heard it and imagined it. One can’t tell if the character will work or not and you tend to become nervous. I am sure a person like Aamir Khan is also nervous before his movie release. A sense of doubt is always there. I get a lot of messages saying that there are people in real life like my character. I was glad that nobody said that it is a fictional character.

What makes you different from the other lot of digital stars?

We all have a different personality. I feel there are more similarities as we have a common passion. We are on the same page and our goal is common.

What is the biggest advantage of the digital platform?

The biggest advantage of the digital platform is the reach. I was already doing some mainstream work so when I stepped into this platform. I was questioned by a lot people as to why am I going into web-series when I am already doing movies. But I feel the idea of stepping into this field changed my life. The motivating factor for me was that the character I was offered was very realistic. I feel by doing a web-series people started knowing me. They knew my name, my background and that is very interesting.  I feel audience is more interested in relatable characters and stories.

Will you ever be part of a saas-bahu drama on Indian television?

I believe that never say never. There is a lot of TV work as there are ample amount of shows. There are lot of commitments. You have to give 1-2 years of time to one show. I admire people who do it. Being in a daily, it is tough to have a social life. Hence I don’t see myself handle this amount of work. If there is a saas-bahu story which is never shown on TV, I might do it.

Tell us about your debut show Gabru on TV and your excitement on the same?

I am excited that I am finally on TV. It is a human drama. The story is about a Punjabi rapper and his journey. The good part is that the show is fully twisted. So we are nervous as well as happy about the same.

The idea of getting in to the digital world changed my life: Amol Parashar 2

Tell us about the research that you have done for your debut role?

I listened to a lot of music. I did try to research about the rapping background. I thank internet because of which I was able to do my homework perfectly.

Do you think digital medium will take over the TV medium?

I think both the things are mixed now. They are watching TV content on their phones. We first go on TV as a medium and then it goes online. I have realized that everything that will come will end up coming online.

Do you keep a tab on your competitors?

I don’t think that I have any competitors. I feel it is a small community (Digital) hence we end up sticking together. It is a protective bond than a competition. We want to see each other doing some wonderful work. I believe if the community grows, you grow with the community. It is a small gang so we can’t be against each other. In fact we keep pushing each other.

Personally, what type of shows do you like watching on the digital platforms?

I am very bad at watching. I can’t make myself sit and watch anything. I do end up watching my shows as there are screenings; but to sit down and watch any series is not my cup of tea. However, social media helps me a lot and keeps me updated about everything.