Sanjog the Zee TV show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen shocking twists in the tale. We saw how the real daughter of Amrita, Chanda entered the house and befriended Tara.  Amrita fed her daughter too without being aware of the big truth.

We wrote about Rakshita’s call creating problems for Amrita (Shefali Sharma). Rakshita wanted her coming to be a secret and Amrita will avoid telling it to her family. However, Rajeev will be brainwashed by his mother and sister to believe that Amrita has an affair with some guy. Rajeev will start to keep a watch over Amrita.

He will not only question Amrita directly about her infidelity but will also ask Amrita to put every call she gets on her phone on speaker. Amrita will be startled to see this happen to her.

As we know, Rakshita was earlier in love with Rajeev. Rajeev had left her when Amrita got pregnant.

Will Amrita be able to take this humiliation? Will Rakshita be responsible for ruining Amrita’s life?