Read to know about Jigisha Jain's YouTube channel Jigi’s Junction

Jigisha Jain talks about her YouTube channel Jigi’s Junction

Dynamic and talented Jigisha Jain, is a well-known YouTuber.

The lady worked as a journalist with different print media like TOI, DNA and Midday-Gujrati. She also worked with several magazines and was associated with FM GOLD as an RJ.

Now after 12 years of experience in print as well as in radio, she has started writing fictional as well as real life stories. She chose YouTube as a platform and started with a new channel, Jigi’s Junction.

Now, talking about her YouTube channel, she says, “Throughout my journalistic career, a storyteller in me was just hidden. Through Jigi’s Junction I have found her. I am a person who works when there are deadlines set so I thought of launching a YouTube channel via which I can regularly put podcasts.”

Jigi’s Junction is all about stories and there are two programmes – Kuchh yun hi and Doctors’ tales.

Kuchh yun hi – This programme is all about fictional stories where you get a slice of life experiences. It majorly covers essential learnings of life.

Doctors’ tales – This programme is all about real life stories of different Doctors. The intention to start this programme is to revive the faith in a white coat as we had earlier and understand the selfless job of theirs to the society.

She adds, “I used to work in the medical field in Midday and I associated with a lot of people who belong to the medical field so I thought of doing something related to their life. People have trust issue with the doctors so Doctors’ tales is here to establish that trust. On the other hand, Kuchh yun hi has a slice of life stories. So far, I am doing the podcast and people are loving it as well. However, some people are telling me to do videos and post them. I was not that active on social media. However, now I feel this is a good platform. Every storyteller needs listeners and I am happy I have many.”

Jigisha believes that her family has been very supportive of her decision. She says, “My family has been very supportive and they also become critic whenever they like or they don’t like. Once, I wrote a story which was about my family and that story moved everyone in the family and they all were in tears.”

On an end note, she says, “I have learnt the importance of feedback. For me as a storyteller, it is very important to reach out to listeners. So I wish I get feedback from the fans and followers.”

Good luck!

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