Namit Das talks about his upcoming web-series for Viu, Kaushiki.

Kaushiki is a ‘dramatic thriller’ – Namit Das

Namit Das who will make his debut with respect to being part of web-series on the digital space with Viu India’s Kaushiki is happy to be associated with this new, growing medium.

Says Namit, “I have done two short films earlier, but technically this is my first into web-series. Also collaborating with Viu India and Big Synergy was a great experience. I had a great time working with such good actors.”

Ask him about what the series Kaushiki is all about, and he says, “Kaushiki is all about the dark sides of people, the side which we don’t talk about, dark corners of your personality which one does not acknowledge, and it is about all those which friends don’t tell you about.”

On his character, Namit avers, “My character’s name is DK; he is supposed to be a funny guy. But there is a dark side to him which the group gets to know later. He is a blatant liar and is completely dependent on others in the group. The comic act that he puts up is actually to hide his real side. For the first time, I got to play this shade in my life. Four years back, I had done a movie ‘Ghanchakkar’ which was on similar lines, but he was still a straight forward person and was in the cute zone. This one is really weird, and the writer has made me do some mean things in the character. Initially, I was very apprehensive of taking the role. I was not sure of gelling well in the genre of thrillers. But I was later convinced that the character is actually such that, and it has to be played like this. This series will be a page-turner of sorts, and will leave audience at the edge of the seats.”

On the story line and concept, he shares, “The friends know each other for quite some time. Kaushiki is the new entrant in the group. It is through her perspective that she sees that these people are completely twisted. Obviously, the dark sides of the friends are not revealed to the audience earlier. But as the layers start to peel off, they will realize it. After that, things go wrong to a point where nothing obviously can set it right. The plot is very dramatic in a way. If there was a genre, I would have said Kaushiki is a ‘dramatic thriller’.”

“I would regard the narration given by Namit Sharma from Big Synergy as the turning point for me to take up the role. Also the conviction of the writer has to be heralded. Also, the opportunity to play negative was the one thing that really attracted me to the role. I was immediately drawn into this, as I had never expressed myself as a person like that,” he adds.

On working with a stellar cast, Namit quips, “It was great to be working with such great actors. Rajeev Siddhartha, Omkar Kapoor, Sayani Gupta, Rannvijay Singh, Shruti Srivastava formed an interesting bunch of people to be with. I wanted to be with them for as many days as possible, and I knew that. My first foray into web-series can be this, is what came to my mind initially. I could have easily got into a romcom as I have played it earlier. But I felt that the audience will see a different side of me through this series.”

“I have never done a thriller till now. So to sit with the writers and understand their idea, grammar was very interesting. The series is very engaging for sure. The characters are out of the ordinary, so you will want to visit them again and again. ” adds Namit.

On future plans, Namit says, “I don’t have anything on the web space. I am doing Vishal Bharadwaj’s next film which will start very soon. I am also working on the Broadway musical, Monsoon Wedding, which has been going on for some time now. That’s an ongoing project, which has kept me busy for the last two years now. I also work with my band; we are working on a new single, an album, and a music video. I keep working on my music as it is my passion.”

Namit who had earlier done Sumit Sambhal Lega on TV has no immediate plans of getting back to TV. “I was very lucky to have got the show when it happened. It was a great show. But TV can get taxing and I am not for it as of now.”

Good luck for Kaushiki and newer projects, Namit!!

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