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Yashwardhan Choudhary is immensely talented

Meet Yashwardhan Choudhary , the New Name in Dark Humor

In a time where the country’s artists are being monitored under a moral microscope, getting backlashed by rigid minds who don’t agree to their notions, Yashwardhan Choudhary stands out as an unapologetic yet brave artist in Indian Comedy. 

Based out of Nagpur, Yashwardhan Choudhary or simply Yash, as his close ones call him, can be held responsible for igniting the Stand-up Comedy Scene of Nagpur. His passion to perform and cater Stand-up took the city from a few trimonthly open mics in 2017, to open mics every week with a monthly Stand-up hour by a renowned comedian. The Scene in Nagpur since then, has experienced the evolution of a diverse comedy culture, and has also discovered many local talents in the process.

An upcoming talent in the Indian Stand Up Circuit, Yash is known for his Dark Humour which is complemented by his unique delivery and firm stage presence. Evidently seen in his debut YouTube video, he brings a fresh perspective towards premises that majority of the population frowns to joke about. The 11:00 minute clip gives you vivid idea of how dark his humour is. With a variety of jokes under the umbrella of the title, it can arguably be called the tightest dark set on YouTube by an Indian Comedian. The hilarity of his jokes manage to break down your wall of ‘Moral Principles’, making your brain forget your lifelong conditioned responses momentarily and end up making you laugh and question your morals at the same time. 

He addresses Mental Illness, an important part of the human lifestyle, in a new light. His material talks about the problems he faces suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression, in a unique and intimate manner, something that Indian Stand-up is yet to get familiar with. Not only does his material manage to encapsulate his struggles in a funny way, but also connects the audience, with each other and himself, on an emotional note. He actively in One of his bits, where he gets extremely personal and talks about his family speaks into the silence of a room, and ends it with a roaring applause, as if, the sentiment has been felt by every audience member who’s listening to him speak into the microphone on stage. 
Yashwardhan maintains his persona on social media as well, where he often posts his twisted take on mental illness and other things for the audience. 

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