This is one of those rare roles, rarely written and I am lucky to have got it: Gaurav Chopraa on his role in Love, Lust and Confusion | IWMBuzz

Gaurav Chopraa feels lucky to have got the role in Viu India’s Love, Lust and Confuision.

This is one of those rare roles, rarely written and I am lucky to have got it: Gaurav Chopraa on his role in Love, Lust and Confusion

Versatile and stylish actor Gaurav Chopraa played the Casanova with ease in ALTBalaji’s web-series, Fourplay. And now, he is all set to feature in the recently streamed web-series on Viu India, Love, Lust and Confusion, produced by Mango People Media.

Gaurav says that he has been extremely lucky to have been invited to play this role, in this series directed by Victor Mukherjee.

Says Gaurav, “This is my second role on the digital platform after Fourplay. In fact, I shot both the series back to back, and the contrast in the roles is what attracted me to it initially. However, when I got to know more about the role, I found out how beautifully it had been written and executed. This is one of those rare roles, rarely written and actors have to be lucky to get them. So I feel lucky in this case to have played the role of Rahil Khan. The Producers (Neha Anand and Victor Mukherjee) were trying to make something which was cool, young, a story that will try to sort out the confusion that everybody seems to face in the modern day life.”

“Amidst all the characters, there is this character of mine, Rahil Khan who is effortlessly cool and not confused at all. He has his fundas well-placed and is all sorted out. There might have been a tragedy in his life earlier, you never know, but in present, he comes across as somebody who has evolved in terms of relationships and about how love should blossom. It is only through the romantic association with Rahil that the protagonist Poroma Sarkar (Tara Alisha Berry) actually discovers the direction of her life and where she should go. It is a beautiful cameo; like I said these kinds of roles are rarely written.”

Ask Gaurav whether the digital platform is happy about being uncensored and he gives out his reply. “As an actor, I find it petty to think about restrictions and limitations. I will only want to know about the role and how I will play it. Even on TV, I have rarely faced restrictions. I have played characters that have been edgy, and ones that have been conventional, but have never faced problems with restrictions. As actors, we do sense a responsibility and understand that you are catering to a different section of society. Hence makers and actors make sure that the content is not objectionable in anyway. With the digital medium, the audience is much more young and cool. They are used to and exposed to a lot of international content. With the same kind of treatment and flavour given to the content here, we actors would only like to go ahead and jump into the role.”

As for Rahil Khan in Viu India’s Love, Lust and Confusion, he will make his entry in the series this week. “Though it is a cameo, it is a very beautiful role. Please do watch it,” concludes Gaurav..

Gaurav, we look forward to watching you in this new avatar!!

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