Ever since Gaurav Chopraa made a mark in the Indian Entertainment Industry as an actor, he’s been doing wonders. At a time when the ‘Cute Boy Next Door’ look was the thing entered Gaurav in the scenario as a rough and tough man with a stubble. He’s most known for his work in projects like Uttaran and Hollywood project ‘Blood Diamond’. One must also note that he’s had quite a successful stint in the Bigg Boss house as well.

But where does all the motivation and will come in order to do good quality work? When we asked Gaurav the same, he said and we quote,

“See, the kind of attitude I have is very practical. Tomorrow, I would love to be the biggest actor in the country and I will work very hard for that. But if it doesn’t happen, will I get sad and depressed and end my life? A big no. I always think about the things which are in our control. I always look forward to getting better and becoming a better version of myself daily. I work towards it. Efforts are in our hands, results aren’t. I am very practical that way. So every day when I start my day, I realize I have to become a better version of myself daily.”

Well, kudos to Gaurav for such a lovely thought process. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com